We're back!

According to Twitter, we haven't been active in 3 solid years!

What happened..? And more importantly, what's going on now?

In 2014, Creative Congo was originally created. Really, it was little more than a website set up by myself and a group of friends. Motion Graphics Artists/Freelancers in NYC who thought we could lean on each other for support to help build our careers in the field.

The original idea of the 'congo' was kind of a 'conglomeration' - and we'd use the website to promote our work and also do some tutorials and give away free stuff to the motion graphics community... And we did that for a few years... but over time, as each of us managed to find some level of success on our own, we slowly put less focus on the group and more on our own careers.

Personally, I got my first TV job as the solo Graphic Designer on 'Bethenny' - a daytime talk show from the Real Housewife, Bethenny Frankel. It was cancelled after one season, and I moved to Dr. Oz for 3 years. Then, I got the gig of a lifetime, working for Comedy Central's "The President Show".

After 3 months, I was fortunate enough to take over as Creative Director and that led to a new phase of my career. I landed a gig for PBS's "The Great American Read", as the Sr. GFX Producer, leading a team of 8 designers. And have since worked at a variety of shows and web programs for Netflix, Vox, The Daily Mail, Viceland, and BET, among others.

Over time, I had a few people suggest that I incorporate myself.

It took a while, but in August 2018, I did it. Since I already had the website and the group had, more or less, stopped running Creative Congo, I got in touch with my friends and they gave the benevolent nod... so Creative Congo Corporation was born.

It took around 6 months to finally rebuild and rebrand the site, make a demo reel, and launch the company.

But here we are! I'm very excited for the next phase and what Creative Congo can do!

In case anyone's curious - here are 3 mission statements for Creative Congo:

1. Create high quality work that brings the client's vision to life

2. Live by the Golden Rule - treat others as I'd like to be treated

3. Be 'creative' - continue to make unique and original content that is meaningful to me - and, hopefully, to others as well.