Meet the first 4 startups Emurgo is investing in to promote Cardano (ADA)

I went to my first digital asset meetup in NYC last week - February 19, 2019. I was particularly excited because it related to Cardano (ADA), which is a project I have interest in.

It took place at dLAB - an incubator program for companies and developers interested in growing the value and use case of ADA.

The 2 hour meeting, which included pizza and beer, was hosted by NYC Cardano Blockchain Group and featured senior management from Emurgo, SOSV, and The Cardano Foundation.

This video features the first 4 companies Emurgo and SOSV are investing in to promote the Cardano eco-system.

They introduce themselves after a brief intro by Nick Plante - program director at SOSV.

Below are links to their websites - including one company that is nothing more than an empty splash page.

The Four Companies are: - They want to deliver humanitarian aid through blockchain - currently an ERC-20 (Ethereum) token, but want to explore Cardano - State they are a blockchain analytics engine for the finance industry focused on market intelligence and regulatory compliance. THIS SITE IS NOTHING MORE THAN A SPLASH PAGE WITH NO CONTENT - - (note: on video, I mistakenly put catallact .io - which does not exist)

Helix.Works - Fascinating program that wants to use DNA strands to place 'signatures' on items for varification.

Tesseract - Who are creating a toolkit that "can be implemented by any Wallet App or Hardware Wallet to enable interaction with the blockchain (or crypto payments) applications."

This is not financial advice - it's for informational purposes only - I am a digital asset enthusiast sharing my experience, not telling you, or anyone, what to invest in.