Fireside chat with Charles Hoskinson March 28, 2019 - NYC

Hosted by Emurgo with Nicolás Aqueros

I'm a Cardano fan and was pleased to see (and video) this fireside chat with Charles Hoskinson.

Topics include: Attracting developers, future business plans, Proof of Stake, Shelly deployment, correlation of ADA value and adoption, & when coinbase?

See breakdown of questions below:

00:00 What is Cardano?

11:10 - What is significance of recent cohort learning Cardano in Africa?

(Cardano’s plan to grow in Africa - and business opportunities in the country)

20:33 - Can you tell me about the infrastructure of the company - how IOHK does things differently (than other blockchain organizations)?

26:05 - Why Proof of Stake (over proof of work)?

34:36 - How will Cardano facilitate the switch to Proof of Stake? (currently expected Q2 2019)

39:30 - Can you explain the correlation between the value of ADA and adoption?

And is it better to have a low value on ADA coin so cost of transactions is cheaper?

Or do we need to have the ADA coin?

45:41 - (Question from China) What are the pros and cons of ADA as a crypto currency for payment - as opposed to Alipay and WeChat?

50:40 - What are your thoughts on ‘Swirls’ and ‘Hashgraph’ - Are you interested or could Cardano shift in that direction.

01:01:50 - In terms of development, when Shelly is deployed, would you consider Cardano around “Windows 95”level - specifically in terms of attracting developers?

01:06:18 - Is Cardano seeking exchanges in the USA and more fiat pairings?