AE Scripting Tutorial: Time Offset Expression


After going through some quick basics of Javascript and AE Scripting, we’ll implement a simple script based upon Technique 2 in Jesse’s Time Offset Tutorial. This tutorial also comes with a little secret. I have an upcoming FREE SCRIPT I’m releasing that takes the Time Offset script you learn here to the next level. Check back soon for that!

Tutorial Links:



Tutorial Layout:

  1. Intro + Javascript/AE Scripting Background: 00:00 – 05:25
  2. Time Offset Script: 05:25 – 26:04

Resources from Tutorial:

  1. Jesse’s Time Offset Tutorial – Technique 2
  2. W3Schools – Javascript
  3. CS6 Scripting Guide
  4. Escape Characters (Example 4) 

If make something cool with this technique/functionality and want to share or you have questions about anything at all, post them in the comments.