More Free (non-Creative Congo) Stuff!

Free stuff is pretty great! We all love it, we all want it!  And there’s so much out there that’s free that can really up the quality of your work.

We at Creative Congo want to provide you with our own assets, but also point you towards other places that are providing free content. This week, check out the following places where you can get free sh*t!

Links to Free Light Leaks/Film Grain by Vashi Visuals


Came across this a few weeks ago…Vashi Visuals did the leg work to pull together a decent amount of places to find free light leaks and film grain footage. Also, stick around and check out the rest of the site. Some really great posts and resources. I ended up spending some time looking around and learned a bunch.


Compositing Assets on Vimeo


Need some light leaks? How about dust particles or a 35mm film look? Smoke/particle based transitions? Well VFX Footage on Vimeo has it for you. Just go into each video, click the Download link and choose from an HD or SD .mp4 or the original .mov file.


Free Scripts from Batch Frame


I have a soft spot in my heart for people who script in AE. I come from a programming background (~10 years as a software engineer before switching gears to do freelance video production) and fully understand the efficiency of automating certain tasks through scripting. If you don’t use scripts, you need to start right now. They’ll speed you up and give you more time for creativity, iterations and playing around. (Also, if you don’t go to START NOW!)


Free C4D Files at PixelLab


Remco Van Der Meer is bad ass at Cinema4D (and 3D modeling in general). Along with PixelLab founder/principle Joren Kandel, they are committed to providing high quality 3D models at extremely affordable prices. On top of that, they give away a healthy amount of free stuff!


Free Project Files from


Everyone loves Andrew Kramer. Personally, I got into After Effects because of his website. And he provides a TON of free stuff…not the least of which are various free project files.  Check out the blog for other freebies (3D models, scripts, animation presets) by doing a search for “free.”