100 + Social Media Vector Icons, Prepped and Ready to Animate (AE file)

I love to animate; and sometimes am even lucky enough to get paid to do it.

On paid gigs, invariably, the client wants social media icon(s) animated on the screen. For the longest time, whenever this happened, I’d seek out the desired icon, as a vector file, prep it, and animate.

After doing this a dozen or so times, I realized it would be much easier to just have a file with every social media icon on the planet (so far as I know) pre-prepped and ready to go…
and now it’s available for you!

Project includes 100+ social media icon vector files, each in its own comp, scaled to fit a 1920X1080 screen. All you need to do it drop the comp, scale it down, and animate.

‘Cause it’s a jungle out there!

Download 100+ Pre-prepped Social Media Icons (AE file)

Social Media Icons created by:


License Info:
Free to use for whatever purposes. If you use these icons, an optional link to
http://icondock.com would be appreciated. Thank you.

After Effects Files only available in CS5.5 and above (apologies)