5 Free Actual Light Leaks!

Want to make your content less boring? Tired of Optical Flares and Heart Shaped Transitions? Then you may want to try light leaks.

A light leak is when a gap between the lens and the sensor of your camera lets light “leak” into your image creating glows, color swirls and all sorts of cool stuff.

Here is an example of the use of light leaks in my latest “mini film.”


There are two ways to get light leaks into your footage:

The first is when you’re shooting, take the lens off your camera and continue  shooting while letting light and filth leak onto your cameras sensor. This also makes its almost impossible to keep anything in focus and it’s really awkward to walk around with a non-attached lens in front of your camera.

The second is to take a pre-made light leak and lay it over footage, motion graphics or photos.  Sometimes the light leak footage has a pre-made alpha channel (built-in transparency) and other times you need to use Transfer Modes (more on that later).

Lucky for you I’m giving away 5 light leaks for FREE! So you don’t have to drop your lens and fry your sensor.


UPDATE: Hey guys i had to take down the old light leaks because i sold the rights to them. So if you click the link you will get my new 2.5k light leaks! 


Just overlay the clip in your favorite editing or compositing software using ‘Screen’, ‘Add’ or ‘Overlay’ transfer modes.

I hope you get a kick out of these light leaks use them in your projects and post them in the comments. I’m working on a whole package of cool elements to add to your projects I’ll update y’all when its ready for download.