5 Fave Short Films of 2014

I love going on Vimeo on Saturday mornings to watch videos.  It reminds me of being a kid, looking at Saturday morning cartoons.

Here are 5 short films that really blew my mind last year.

Great storytelling, cinematography, visual effects, these have it ALL!


#1 – Blinky

Eerie, thought provoking, visually gorgeous, this is a true masterpiece and my favorite short of the year.

#2- Villa Antropoff

Trippy, fun, visually stunning, and really fun to watch

#3 – Sequence Champignon

This is an unfinished film.  Or, at least, that is the claim.  It feels like it was made this way intentionally and I’ve watched it a few times.  It’s always a thrill to get emotionally invested in inanimate objects.

#4 – The Last Viewing

Heart wrenching – I am a HUGE fan of all the StoryCorps videos from the Rauch Brothers.  This is just one of many beautiful animations and stories created this year.

#5- La Detente

Spotlighting the horrors of war as an imaginary candyland, I love the beauty of this animated piece.

Honorable Mentions

Really fun comedic short

An interesting anime styled short