5 Fave Live-Action Commercials of 2014

Oh, commercials, how you can annoy.  Though I spend most of the time fast forwarding and avoiding them, every now and then some come along that are so artistic, savvy, interesting, funny, or just plain beautiful, I have to take pause.

Here are 5 live action commercials that really impressed this year.


#1 – “Welcome to Airbnb” by Cirkus

Exquisitely done, everything in this commercial is real, was made in miniature, and filmed in one shot.  Enjoy!  Here is a link to the Making Of video

#2- HBO – It’s Not TV

This is really fun with great visual effects.

#3 – Film4 / Idents / Alternative Endings

Each of these were created by recreating classic scenes.  Here’s a Making Of for these ads.

#4 – Netflix – Trailer Wolf

A little Español – el Lobo de Wallstreet

#5- Never Stop Starting – SparkNZ

Great mix of live action and visual effects – enjoy!