5 Fave Comedy Videos of 2014

Quick caveat, there are thousands of great comedy videos on YouTube.  Sadly, the number of comedy videos on Vimeo seems to be somewhat anemic.  Still, every once in a while, I happen upon some nice comedy shorts and so, these are my faves of 2014 found on VIMEO.


#1 – It’s not Porn…

This is really fun and, like all great comedy, really TRUE!

#2- Naptime!

I don’t have kids, but if I did…

#3 – On the Job

I really like the videos of Patric Boivin and this is no exception

#4 – JuggaLOVE

Because every sub-lifestyle deserves it’s own dating site!

#5- Brutus the Bound – The Infinite Gladiator

Spotlighting the horrors of war as an imaginary candyland, I love the beauty of this animated piece.

Honorable Mentions

Okay!  Another toot of my own horn – I made this video for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl 2015 – I did NOT place as a finalist, but I really do love the video.

YES, another video I made.  This spoof of Misery won 2nd place from the Tongal – Swede a Movie video contest.