2 Minute Tuts: Using 3rd Party Javascript Libraries for AE Scripting

Hey guys, welcome to another 2 Minute Tut episode!

Guess what I’ve learned when making this one? Fitting a bite-sized amount of information into 2 minutes is CRAZY hard! Which is to your advantage since this episode of 2 Minute Tuts contains THREE separate bite-sized sections!

This episode we talk about using 3rd party Javascript libraries within After Effects.

Tutorial Breakdown

0:00 – 2:01  How to prep 3rd party js libraries for use in your AE scripts

2:02 – 3:37  Integrating Underscore.js into a simple AE script

3:38 – 6:02  Taking Underscore.js a step further

Further Reading

GitHub – GitHub is an incredible open source community featuring programming libraries and projects across ALL languages. Join for free and do a search for Javascript libraries!

W3Schools – JS Libraries

Wikipedia – List of JS Libraries